WRF Utilities and Plotting tools in Python

Summary of meeting

In this meeting we had a chat about some modules and scripts available for WRF users. (The Weather Research and Forecasting model). WRF can generate output in a number of formats, most typically used being netCDF (.nc) files. Traditionally, people have used the NCL scripting language to plot this data (or maybe IDL for the true masochists...).

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Second Meeting of PyCAS

In the first half of the meeting we discussed some questions about the best way of getting Python installed on your machine (or more specifically, NumPy, Matplotlib and other various Python modules for doing science with.)

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First Meeting of PyCAS

The First Meeting of PyCAS took place today. We discussed the various ways people in CAS are using Python, or intend to use it. There was a range of applications including:

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